Welcome to Fund Managers Otago Limited

Fund Managers Otago Limited is a Fund Manager and does not offer investors investment advice. For investment advice we recommend that you make contact with a qualified registered investment advisor.

Fund Managers Otago Ltd is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a Manager of the NZ Mortgage Income Trust (No. 2 Fund), the Capital Mortgage Income Trust and the NZ Mortgage Income Trust. VIEW licence here. To view our schemes on the NZ Companies Office website – the Disclose Register.

We are proud to offer three group investment funds:
NZ Mortgage Income Trust – No. 2 Fund (established in 2007)
NZ Mortgage Income Trust – P.I.E (established in 1994)
Capital Income Mortgage Trust (established in 2003)

All of the Funds are group investment funds managed by Fund Managers Otago Limited

The Board Members of Fund Managers Otago Limited are:
From left to right: John Farry, John Gallaher, David Ehlers, Don Forsyth, Nick Moore, Peter Hutchison (Managing Director)

From left to right: Annette Marshall (Office Manager), Ruth Schmelz (Senior Administration Officer), Ann Burton (Senior Lending Officer)