Capital Mortgage Income Trust Group Investment Fund – P.I.E. Fund

Fund Managers Otago Limited is a Fund Manager and does not offer investors investment advice. For investment advice we recommend that you make contact with a qualified registered investment advisor.

Fund Managers Otago Ltd is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a Manager of the NZ Mortgage Income Trust (No. 2 Fund), the Capital Mortgage Income Trust and the NZ Mortgage Income Trust. VIEW licence here. To view our schemes on the NZ Companies Office website – the Disclose Register.

Our CMIT Fund is currently closed for new investments and no money is currently being sought.


2017 Annual Report


Notice of Withdrawal


Statement of Investment Policy Objectives


Amended and Restated Trust Deed


Key Investment Points

  • The minimum Investment is $500.
  • The Fund was established in Wellington in 2003.
  • Returns to investors are on a floating rate and are paid at the end of each quarter (three-month period). The quarterly income received from the Fund’s mortgage portfolio determines the level of return to investors. Capital Mortgage Income Trust aims to offer an investment in a diversified portfolio of registered first mortgages and term deposits with registered banks within New Zealand, providing returns to investors benchmarked against the weighted average six month term deposit rate as published by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand at This rate is the advertised interest rate paid for a six month term deposit of $10,000. It is weighted by each of the surveyed registered banks share of household deposits from the aggregate bank statistical returns supplied to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
  • Returns can either be paid into an investors bank account or re-invested in further units in the Fund.
  • The Capital Mortgage Income Trust invests solely in registered first mortgages and term deposits with registered banks within New Zealand. The Fund distributes its income to investors quarterly on the first day of April, July, October and January of each year.
  • There is no fixed term for investments, although the fund is geared towards medium to long term investors (2+ years). Withdrawals will be paid within 90 business days after the Manager receives a withdrawal notice.
  • There are no entry fees and no application fees. The Manager has discretion to charge a fee of up to 2% on any money withdrawn 12 months after investment and up to 1% on any money withdrawn more than 12 months but less than 24 months after investment.
  • Investors can make regular contributions to their investment.
  • As a PIE registered Group Investment Fund tax is deducted at the investors’ nominated prescribed investor rate.
  • This investment is available to NZ residents only.